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Utagawa Kuniyoshi maestro sognatore

di Cristina Solano Kuniyoshi Utagawa (Tokyo 1797-1861) fu uno dei più grandi , schietti e audaci maestri di ukiyo-e (letteralmente “mondo fluttuante”) la tradizionale...
Shinichi Maruyama, "Garden", 2010.

Shinichi Maruyama

In his artistic work Shinichi Maruyama is photographer and also sculptor: The artist immortalize the shapes that liquids and bodies become when they are...

Saburo Murakami

Saburo Murakami in 1956, with his innovative performance "Passing Through" , was one of the most important artists of second post war in...
"Out of Disorder (Cony Island)", 2012, 
by Takahiro Iwasaki.

Takahiro Iwasaki

The little architectural worlds made by hair, dust, wires and simmetry of Takahiro Iwasaki. I piccoli mondi architettonici fatti di capelli, polvere, fili e simmetria...
"Forest of Beyond" detail ,

Motoi Yamamoto and his Saltscapes

The intricate and complex labyrith of Motoi Yamamot: installations and performance of nature and life. Gli intricati e complessi labirinti di sale di Motoi Yamamoto:...