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Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata

di Cristina Solano YUICHI IKEHATA (from Chiba, Japan) in his artistic work he expresses using different techniques, mainly an installation sculpture which then goes to...
"Out of Disorder (Cony Island)", 2012, 
by Takahiro Iwasaki.

Takahiro Iwasaki

The little architectural worlds made by hair, dust, wires and simmetry of Takahiro Iwasaki. I piccoli mondi architettonici fatti di capelli, polvere, fili e simmetria...
"Forest of Beyond" detail ,

Motoi Yamamoto and his Saltscapes

The intricate and complex labyrith of Motoi Yamamot: installations and performance of nature and life. Gli intricati e complessi labirinti di sale di Motoi Yamamoto:...
Detail of tracing paper used by Yuko Takada Keller.

Yuko Takada Keller: Tracing Paper

For Yuko Takada Keller tracing paper becomes tool of communication of her reflections about eternity and unconsciousness space of mind. Per Yuko Takada Keller la...
Photo by Ken Kato,

Kyotaro Hakamata, Stripes Destroy Shapes

The Kyotaro Hakamata's sculptures apparently without shape. The sculptural technique made by layering colored that confuses observer. Le opere apparentemente senza forma dell'artista Kyotaro Hakamata....

Ryo Shimizu: “CNJPUS TEXT”

"CNJPUS TEXT" is an installation that join in itself all Japan's writing systems, and cast a criticism to japanese culture. "CNJPUS TEXT" è un installazione...

Chiaru Shiota: “The Key in the Hand”

A spetacular installation by Chiaru Shiota at 56th International Art Exhibition of Venice. Una spettacolare installazione, sui fili della memoria, di Chiaru Shiota alla Ciqantaseiesima...